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"Be Part of The Journey - Plant Milkweed"

Loretta Shigo is an experienced, independent teacher/naturalist art educator who fell in love with a caterpillar fourteen or so years ago and created Monarch Journey as a result. Her programs involve bringing environmental education, sometimes enhanced with a hands-on art project, to kids and adults in a variety of formats teaching about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Participants can learn about host and nectar plants for sustainable butterfly and pollinator habitat, how to tell a male from a female monarch butterfly, and what frass is! Loretta has followed her love of nature and art into the world of the Monarch Butterfly. Lots of in-the-field investigations, meanderings and observations fill her programs. The 2020 Monarch Journey website is currently under construction. Please go to the Monarch Journey Facebook page and LIKE to follow and stay updated on monarch news, migration news, plant tips, photos and more.

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