Monarch Journey

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A Monarch Journey butterfly program brings a wealth of educational, fun and easy to understand information about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, (Danaus, plexippus) using a variety of media, including live caterpillars and butterflies. Students and adults of all ages benefit from the experience of seeing live monarch butterfly caterpillars munching milkweed in a safe-for-the-caterpillar environment. Check out the program page for more information and fee schedule.

In light of the current Covid 19 Pandemic and the subsequent closing of schools, libraries, and nursing home visiting restrictions, Monarch Journey temporarily suspended butterfly program bookings for the 2020 Spring, Summer and Fall season, as well as Spring 2021. Please inquire if you are interested in booking a program in Fall 2021.

The Monarch Journey website will be under construction for the next few months. Please bear with me as I continue to update the site.

Please browse the web site pages and links, as well as download program info in PDF format.

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Check out Info for links to field guides, monarch rearing books, milkweed and wildflower vendors, excellent garden tools*, Fun Facts, and more!

Need a great field guide* ? Look no further! This field guide, The Enlarged and Updated Second Edition of Milkweed Monarchs and More: A Field Guide to the Invertebrate Community in the Milkweed Patch by Ba Rea, Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Michael A. Quinn is a must have for field and backyard explorations. Packed with lots of photographs, this book takes the guesswork out of insect identification and provides a multitude of facts about the milkweed community.

Check out Links to read about the monarch’s partial comeback in Mexico; to find resources for native milkweeds,  and read “Trailing the Monarchs”,  a series about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly written by teacher naturalist/art educator Loretta Shigo and published by the Bucks County Herald in 2009.

Celebrate your love for monarch butterflies and help to support Monarch Journey’s work. Spread the love and check out Butterfly Merch, where you can find original design work on T-shirts, mugs, and more! Great gift ideas for the monarch lovers in your life.

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